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Contract Manufacturing

Medisave’s dedicated and competent R&D team, a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that meets the highest international standards coupled with the company’s vast experience and expertise in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and its strong ethical values ensuring protection of intellectual property rights enable it to provide with a complete outsourcing solution.

Using cGMP compliant and regulatory authorities’ approved manufacturing processes, our production facility boasts enhanced production capacities for Dry Powder Injection, Infusion, Syrup, Liquid (Oral) Medicines, Coated and Uncoated Tablets, Capsules and External Preparations for various therapeutic categories. To find out more.

At Medisave, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company; a planned and systematic pattern of all means and actions is designed to ensure that its products meet the established standard specifications, legal requirements and the organization’s quality objectives.

Contract manufacturing carries significant advantages some of which include:

  • Low Upfront Cost due to minimal capital requirement and a legal and tax presence not being necessary
  • Flexibility through being able to ramp up production volumes rapidly
  • Fast-track Processing as a consequence of short lead-team for final production
  • Access to External Expertise
  • Greater Adaptability to the ever changing demands of the market allowing for greater revenue growth

The company provides tailored services to meet the clients’ needs by making available the requested information including the following reports:

  • Inventory levels & movements
  • Batch monitoring & reports
  • Quality assurance reports

We strive to create a win-win situation by providing cost-effective and profitable solutions for our partners.

Production Capacities

  • A

    General Tablet Manufacturing Area

  • Tablet Compression

    100.0 Millions

  • Blister Packing Machine (ALU-ALU)

    50.0 Millions

  • (ALU - PVC)

    150.0 Millions

  • B

    General Capsules Manufacturing Area

  • Capsules

    15.0 Millions

  • C

    Antibiotic Tablet Manufacturing Area

  • Tablet Compression

    50.0 Millions

  • Blister Packing

    150.0 Millions

  • D

    General Capsules Manufacturing Area

  • Dry Powder Suspension

    1.0 Millions bottles

  • E

    Liquid Manufacturing Area

  • Manufacturing

    5.0 Lac. Lit.

  • Filling (4 nozzles)

    2.5 Millions bottles

  • F

    Cephalosporin Area

  • Capsules

    15.0 Millions

  • Dry powder Susp.

    1.25 Millions bottles

  • Injectables

    2.5 Millions

  • G

    Ampoules Area (Liquid)

  • Ampoules

    6.0 Millions

  • H

    Infusion Area

  • Infusion (SVP)

    5.0 Lac vials

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