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Our Vision & Mission


Medisave’s vision is to be rated as best pharmaceutical company within five years of operation by producing high quality products providing health excellence to the people always.

Our Mission

We intend to provide human being high quality products which will improve quality of life and satisfy customer needs and to provide employees with meaningful work and advancement opportunities.

Our Objectives

The management has set for itself the following objectives. These are the hallmarks of our journey towards a Healthier Nation:

  1. Excel in meeting customer needs.
  2. Maintain leadership in national pharmaceuticals industry.
  3. Gain confidence of Doctors, Pharmacists and Consumers who use our products.
  4. Seek employee involvement, continuous improvement and enhanced performance goals.
  5. Enhance export business.

Chairmans Message

Five years ago we outlined a dream to enter the Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan to provide high quality GMP based pharmaceuticals products meeting national as well as international standards to meet the needs of health care of the people of Pakistan. It is matter of immense pleasure and privilege to announce that outlines of the dream of 2005 have been realized in the form of state of art pharmaceutical plant based at Lahore-Pakistan. I feel gratified to mention that over those five years our management at all stages have contributed time, talent and treasure to assure that the project is completed at the earliest. The central issue for each of us today is to put in all our endeavors and efforts to make this project highly successful in the years to come. I would like to add that my confidence is mainly due to my belief that I can rely on the support from our dedicated and hardworking staff at all levels.

It is worth mentioning that “No man is island and no man stands alone” therefore, we need to perform as integrated team to set the brilliant examples of success in the future.
Happy Selling Always.

Ch. Ashfaq Ahmed

Board of Direcotrs & Corporate Executive Team

Board of Direcotrs

  • Chairman

    Ch. Ashfaq Ahmad

  • Vice Chairman

    Ch. Imtiaz Saleem

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Ch. Imtiaz Ahmad

  • Director

    Ch. Amir Saleem

  • Director

    Mrs. Tahira Ashfaq

  • CFO

    Ahmad Nawaz

Corporate Executive Team

  • C.E.O

    Ch. Imtiaz Ahmad (CEO/Managing Director)

  • Members

    Ch. Amir Saleem (Director Finance)


    Ashfaq Ahmed Mehar (Technical director)


    Tahir Ismail (National Sales Manager)


    Rana Ashgar Rasheed (Product Manager)


    Mr. Sohail Aslam (Quality Control Manager)


    Mian Irfan Ali (Finance & Admin Manager)


Medisave Pharmaceuticals was formed in March 2005 by the following five shareholders

Ch.Imtiaz Ahmad
Mian Muhammad Amir Saleem
Ch.Ashfaq Ahmad
Mian Muhammad Imtiaz Saleem
Mrs.Tahira Ashfaq

Ch.Imtiaz Ahmed being the Chief Executive officer carries intensive as well as extensive experience in the sales and the marketing of products throught Pakistan especially biological including vaccines. The main objective of the company is to establish a state of art Pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant to produce high quality products for local as well as international markets.

Slogan: “for better health always”

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