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Manufacturing Facilities


The most modern facilities.

The highest quality.

Medisave is currently producing tablets, capsules, syrups, dry powder suspensions, dry powder injection, ampoules, liquids and biotech medicines. As a generics manufacturer, we meet the needs of virtually all areas of medicine, from allergies to circulation problems . Medisave insists on the highest level of product quality and applies the highest standards to everything from raw materials to packaging. After all, the safety of patients is at stake.

Smooth-running manufacturing processes are vital in our business. "Our high standards and our continuing growth drive us to keep our production facilities at the cutting edge".

The latest technology guarantees the right dosage

A state of the art, computer-controlled high speed weighing system has been installed in a new production building. It carries out checks on the weight of all raw materials in powder form. Infusions and dry powder injections are filled under extremely clean air conditions to preclude the slightest risk of contamination.

Quality Control

Constant inspections ensure the highest quality

Doctors, pharmacists and patients trust the quality of Medisave products. We are conscious of the responsibility this places on us. Before our medicines reach the pharmacies, they undergo numerous inspections. Nearly one in ten of our workforce is directly involved in quality control. All ingredients and materials are subject to specific inspections at each stage of production.

Only first-grade raw materials

All raw materials used in Medisave medicines undergo continuous inspection. Ingredients are purchased from well-known international suppliers. A data processing system makes it impossible for raw materials to be processed without first having been inspected.

During manufacture, we carry out regular checks of all factors that can affect quality and efficacy – such as the weight of tablets or the pH value of liquids. Sophisticated air conditioning and filtration systems in all production areas exclude the risk of micro-organisms contaminating the products – and also prevent cross-contamination of ingredients. To test the shelf life and stability of our products, we store them in both dry and damp conditions at temperatures of, for instance, 25°, 31° and 41° Celsius and then analyze them at regular intervals. Our findings form the basis for specifying product shelf life.

Warehousing and distribution

The storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products needs to be handled with great care. Raw materials awaiting processing and finished products awaiting despatch are stored in modern storage areas. A large number of orders are shipped in environmentally friendly, reusable cartons.

Only products that successfully comply with the applicable standards, Pharmacopoeia regulations and the requirements of the approval authorities are released for sale. It is thanks to the application of all these resources and our consistent system of quality assurance that doctors, pharmacists and patients can rely on the safety of Medisave’s products.

GMP Compliance

We strive to comply with the cGMP requirements of our MOH as well as those of WHO & the European Community in order to ensure that our products are consistently produced & controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the marketing authorization or product specificatio

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